Ames Area Woodturners

        A special interest group of the Ames Woodworkers Club which
focuses on woodturning was formed in 2004 and has been active in promoting woodturning and providing training for beginning woodturners.

         The Ames Area Woodturners meet monthly in the afternoon of the last sunday of each month.     For the schedule of upcoming Turners Group Activities -  CLICK HERE!

Current Members (30) of the Ames Area Woodturners are:

Chuck Beall - Ames
Julian Birch - Ames
Jim Bonser - Colo
Paul Bullock - Ames
Rick Cordes - Roland
George Covert - Ames
Jeff Drawbond - Ames
Don Dyer- Ames
Todd Edeker -Jewell
Jim Gunning - Ames
Al Johnson - Ames
Lowell Kilmer - Stanhope
John Kluge - Ames
Paul Lasley - Ames
Tom Leimer - Slater
Terry Lewis - Ames
Frank Maly - Ames
Roger Nass - Ames
Bob Niehoff - Ames
Dwain Peterson - Ames
Karl Rinehart - Marshalltown
Lance Schmitt - Ames
Kevin Voit - Ames
Rob Wallace - Ames
Bob Weldon - Boone
Stu Weers - Boone
Ron Werner-Wilson
Alan Young - Ames
Kurtis Younkin - Ames
Mike Zeller - Madrid

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Last Updated:  20 November 2006