Woodturning Demonstrations
     Given ample advance scheduling, I am available to present different aspects of woodturning to interested woodturning or woodworking groups.   Please contact me to check on availability.

       I have presented the following woodturning demonstrations to various groups of woodturners and woodworkers:

"An Introduction To Woodturning" - is a Powerpoint presentation that reviews the history of the lathe as a woodworking tool, presents the basics of lathe selection, describes the main types of turning tools, and various types of woodturning projects.  This is also coupled with a demonstration of basic turning techniques at the lathe for both spindle turning and bowl/vessel turning.   The presentation is helpful to both beginning woodturners, as well as woodturners with some experience, since it reviews the basics of the lathe and the tools used to do all basic techniques of woodturning.

"The Geometry of Woodturning" - This is a demonstration that integrates two approaches to show the importance of understanding the geometry of how woodturning is done.  The demonstration integrates Powerpoint graphics to show the basic theory behind the geometry of different woodturning techniques, and 
an on-lathe demonstration and explanation of the use of lathe tools when making specific cuts with gouges, parting tools, scrapers, and skews. The importance of understanding proper lathe tool presentation (and the angles required in proper positions relative to the spinning workpiece) that are necessary to make efficient and effective cuts are emphasized.

"The Complexity and Diversity of Wood" - This is a Powerpoint presentation that explains the characteristics of wood at the cellular level, reviews how trees make wood, and explains many physical characteristics of wood, and how wood is processed, including the milling and drying of timber.  The presentation also provides an overview of the diverse kinds of wood from many families of trees, including both domestic and exotic woods.

Woodturning Skills Presentations:

Private Woodturning Lessons
     Please contact me if you would like to arrange private woodturning lessons for beginning or intermediate woodturning methods.  I can provide coaching and instruction in most basic woodturning techniques, and you will benefit from a range of woodturning tips and methods I have learned in over 12 years of turning experience.  

My Contact Information:

        e-mail:  robwallacewoodturner@mchsi.com  OR  rwallace@iastate.edu

        Telephone:  1-515-292-5785 - Please call between 5:30 and 9:30 pm (Central Time Zone)

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Last Updated 21 November 2006